iPod Hard Drive Repair

iPod Hard Drive Repair Service

3 Months (90 Days)

Hard Drive Repair

A broken iPod hard drive can produce a multitude of symptoms. Frozen iPods, Sad Face Errors, and Red X Warnings are all common problems we've earned a reputation for fixing, in many instances without the need for a replacement hard drive! Our highly acclaimed hard drive repair service is simply a no-brainer.

Common hard drive issues we address include…

  • iPod Sad Face
  • iPod Folder Icon
  • iPod Click*Whir Syndrome
  • iPod Harddisk Reboots
  • iPod Freezes Up
  • Red X On iPod
  • iPod Stuck On Apple Logo
  • iPod Corrupted
  • iPod Skipping
  • iPod Won't Mount
  • iPod Clicking Noise
  • iPod Support Message
  • Refuses iPod Disk Mode
  • iPod Songs Disappearing
  • iPod Click Of Death
  • iPod Won't Connect To iTunes
  • iPod Error 69
  • iPod Error 1439
  • iPod Error -50
  • iPod Error 1429
  • iPod Error 1415
  • iPod Will Not Restore
  • Dropped iPod Damages
  • & Much, Much More

Most problems associated with a faulty hard drive can be attributed to corrosion on the HDD cable. After this occurs, miscommunication between the logic board and hard drive can yield many of the failure symptoms listed above. Instead of a broken hard drive, an inexpensive cable is often the culprit of these troubles. If so, the data on your existing iPod hard drive remains intact 9 out of 10 times.

No need to replace your iPod or waste money on unnecessary parts. Let us resurrect your iPod while saving you money at the same time. Join over 10,000 satisfied customers who have already saved by using our service.

If the replacement iPod HDD cable doesn't fix your problems, we will return your iPod + refund your entire payment (including the shipping fee). This is a completely risk-free offer that carriers the potential of saving you lots of money.

Additional Notes:

  • We fix ALL iPod models (1st - 6th Gen, iPod Video, iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, etc)
  • We cover all iPod hard disk models, including:
    (MK2003GAH, MK2004GAL, MK2006GAL, MK3004GAH, MK3008GAL, MK4004GAH, MK6006GAL, MK6008GAL, etc)
  • We fix iPod hard drive models of Apple + HP
  • Discounts are available for bulk orders
  • Please don't include cases, accessories, etc.
  • Ensure your PayPal mailing address is accurate
  • Some customers require hard drive replacement which costs extra (price varies depending on model & capacity)